Jackal was the nickname of a Monitor, or commander, of the Eternal Guard near the Barrowland in the Great Forest. His actual name was not recorded in the Annals. The Jackal appeared in the "flashback" biographic narrative of Bomanz in The White Rose.

The White RoseEdit

The Jackal was the black sheep of a very rich family in Oar. He was deeply unpopular in the city according to Stancil. Publicly, he was replacing the elderly Besand as Montitor as a form of exile by his wealthy uncle. In fact, he was chosen to be the new Monitor by secret Resurrectionists who were seeking to replace Besand with someone incompetent or complicit. It is not established if the Jackal was a Resurrectionist himself or if he was aware of his sponsors' goals; he may have been an unwitting pawn.

The Jackal arrived at the Barrowland making an absurd introduction with "a coach and three wagons filled with clothing for his mistress" and "a platoon of servants". Although the position of Monitor held significant military power, he was no doubt shocked by the tiny, bare cell where his immediate predecessor chose to live. The Jackal became furious after Besand dutifully stepped aside but refused to actually depart the Barrowland. Worse, his subordinate Guardsmen were refusing to follow his orders, and were even publicly insulting the man.

When Besand and a secret Resurrectionist named Men fu were horribly killed by the Barrowland ghosts near the Howler's barrow, the Jackal refused to give the Guardsmen the necessary amulets to retrieve the body of their former Monitor. The Guards were enraged and one of them even attempted to assassinate the Jackal. The attempt failed, and the Jackal was "so bewildered and frightened he had locked himself in his quarters". His fate after this incident was not recorded. If he survived his own Guard, he would have been present during the Resurrectionists' bloody attack, the fiery awakening of the dragon, and the liberation of the Lady and the Ten Who Were Taken.

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