The Iron Lily was a tavern and inn located in the downtrodden Buskin neighborhood of the city of Juniper. It was owned by Marron Shed, who was third generation of his family to own it. Shed's blind and elderly mother June also lived in the building and helped clean the rooms of the upstairs inn.

Shadows Linger Edit

Shed let the homeless man Asa stay warm by the fireplace in the Lily, as long as Asa brought firewood. But Shed sank into debt to Krage, and later to Gilbert, in his effort to stay solvent, keep the Lily in his possession, and keep his mother June out from the cold.

Raven would become the Lily's best customer. He also rented one of the small private apartments above the Lily from Shed. Shed also hired Raven's ward, the deaf-mute girl Darling, as a wench. Once Shed began assisting Raven in selling corpses to creatures of the Black Castle, he used the influx of cash to begin repairs on the Lily.

Shed fled the city shortly after the religious enforcer, Inquisitor Bullock, and the Black Company showed up in their search for whomever was selling bodies to the Black Castle. Immediately before fleeing Juniper, Shed handed over control of the Lily to Sal, who was the wife of Shed's cousin Wally (a man whom Shed had unintentionally murdered in a rage).

Very shortly after Sal took ownership of the Lily, the city suffered a major uprising led by the senior Custodian, Hargadon, who was protesting The Lady's unspeakably sacrilegious plundering of the Catacombs. The Lady's violent response reportedly laid waste to much of the city. In Pawnbroker's estimation, the city was effectively demolished. The fates of Sal, old June, and the Lily itself were not recorded in the Annals.

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