Horse is a modest town featured in The White Rose. It is located east of the Windy Country and about 100 miles west of the Plain of Fear. Croaker described it as "a caravan stage for those traders mad enough to traipse through those two wildernesses" and was personally escorted through Horse as an Imperial prisoner. A few miles outside the town was the site of the last clash between the Lady's Empire and the New White Rose Rebellion before their truce.

The White RoseEdit

Horse served as the logistical headquarters for Whisper's operations. It was the location where the forces of the Lady's Empire deployed their brand new flying carpets against Darling's Rebellion. Croaker saw the dizzying array of new carpets firsthand while the presence of the Lady guaranteed his safety. He was made to board the Lady's carpet and to participate in the dramatic aerial skirmish that occurred a few miles outside Horse. During this event, Whisper and the other new Taken, the Limper, and the Lady herself targeted Darling's windwhales and infantry formations. They utilized devastating new weapons and techniques that were unaffected by Darling's null, killing at least 3 windwhales. Unwilling to lose more of the precious creatures, Darling turned her force back to the Plain of Fear, and the Lady did not pursue.

The skirmish outside Horse was the final confrontation between the Lady's Empire and the New White Rose Rebellion. Shortly after this, they established a truce and became allies against the Dominator, combining forces for the Battle of the Barrowland.

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