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Homeworld refers to the world in which Croaker, Lady, and the majority of other characters of the Black Company series were born. It is one of the 16 worlds supernaturally linked by the glittering plain. The only other worlds external to the homeworld that were visited in the Annals are Hsien and the Voroshk world; the glittering plain itself is external to the homeworld.

Events within the homeworld[]

The bulk of the events of the series took place in the homeworld's northern and southern continents:

Events external to the homeworld[]

The homeworld is such a prominent location in the Annals that it is easier to outline which events did not take place there. Departing the homeworld requires passage through the Shadowgate. The significant departures from the homeworld during Croaker's Annals are:

Bleak Seasons[]

Whereas the events described in Bleak Seasons do take place within the homeworld, a significant series of events took place concurrently, as revealed in later Annals. This refers to Soulcatcher's secret trips through the Shadowgate onto the glittering plain. Her careless explorations culminated with the earth-rending earthquake that took place at the end of Bleak Seasons, which she unintentionally caused by abusing the artifacts at the foot of Shivetya's throne within the fortress with no name.

She Is the Darkness[]

She Is the Darkness presents the first major departure from the homeworld. This begins in chapter 77 and culminates in Croaker's ill-fated expedition onto the plain during which he and his wife, friends, allies, and some prisoners visited the fortress with no name and became "the Captured".

Water Sleeps[]

The end of Water Sleeps describes Sleepy's cautious expedition onto the plain, her rescue of the Captured beneath the nameless fortress, and her entry into the strange new world of Hsien.

Soldiers Live[]

Soldiers Live describes the widest variety of events external to the homeworld by far. The most noteworthy examples are:

  1. the opening events in Hsien, including Sleepy's standoff with the File of Nine and her plot to steal Shadowgate secrets from Khang Phi;
  2. Croaker's visitations to the Voroshk world, and the cataclysmic shadow invasion that took place there;
  3. several events inside the nameless fortress, including: