Gromovol was a young man from the ruling family of the Voroshk world who appeared in Soldiers Live. His father, Nashun the Researcher, would later be an ally of the Black Company.

Soldiers LiveEdit

Gromovol, Sedvod, Magadan, and Arkana abandoned their world to become guests of the Black Company. They chose to flee after their world's shadowgate was unintentionally blasted open by their patriarchs, and would soon be overrun by killer shadows. The Company leadership accepted them but demanded that they hand over their priceless shefsepoken (magic robes) and rheitgeistiden (flying posts). They all expected to be treated like royalty, and were shocked when Croaker educated them about their new status at the bottom rung. They kept a distance from Shukrat, another Voroshk teenager who proactively integrated with the Black Company. Gromovol's relative Sedvod fell into an inexplicable coma, and would later die (cursed by the Khadidas).

On the night of the Battle of the Middle Ground, Gromovol, Arkana, and Magadan decided to steal their shefsepoken and rheitgeistiden to flee from their new, dangerous, alien surroundings. The three distracted some guards with a primitive disorientation spell, and Gromovol murdered them against Magadan's explicit protests. Before the three could make their escape or retrieve their magic artifacts, Company soldiers discovered the murders, raised the alarm, and retaliated. Gromovol was seriously injured, Arkana was raped, and Magadan was killed. Croaker wrote very disparagingly about Gromovol throughout the rest of the Annals, and he was never forgiven for the murders. The young man was spared execution, but, he would eventually be imprisoned in the cave of the ancients beneath the fortress with no name. There, he was abandoned in a state of deathlike slumber for the foreseeable future. His father Nashun and his uncle the First Father would die in combat with shadows during the Siege of Taglios.

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