The Greys were a law enforcement and militia stationed in the city of Taglios during the Protectorate (Soulcatcher's regime). It consisted entirely of men of the minority Shadar religion, and their commander was a member of Soulcatcher's Privy Council. Despite being utterly dependent upon the insane Soulcatcher for their power, the Greys were nevertheless respected by all for their excellent work weeding out much of the culturally-ingrained corruption and rampant crime.

Water Sleeps Edit

In Water Sleeps, the Greys were under the command of Willow Swan. They were given the task of rooting out the Black Company remnants who had infiltrated the capital, but were ultimately unsuccessful. They also had to contend with growing unrest in the city, due to Soulcatcher's regime. In particular, this included stopping the continuing self-immolations carried out by the Bhodi disciples. After Swan's kidnapping by the Company, command of the Greys went to an unknown officer. At this time, Ghopal Singh was a Grey sergeant whose patrol watched an area immediately outside the north side of the Palace of Taglios.

Soldiers Live Edit

In Soldiers Live, they were under the command of Ghopal Singh. Privately, the Greys hated Soulcatcher and her violent, capricious rule over the city. Ghopal Singh revealed this to Mogaba and Aridatha Singh, and the three of them plotted to overthrow Soulcatcher.

During the Siege of Taglios they were one of the forces that fought the Black Company, due in part to the heavy military losses sustained at the Battle at the Shadowlander cemetery, but also in part to the fact that they feared reprisals if the Protectorate fell. When the Company triumphed, most of the Greys attempted to hide among the City Battalions (a separate military force). This sudden influx of Shadar men in the Battalions fooled no one, but, the Company allowed them to save face and committed no reprisals anyway.

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