The Great General of the Armies was the highest rank in the military of Taglios during the Kiaulune wars, Water Sleeps, and Soldiers Live. It was a brand new position in the empire's history, created specifically for Mogaba by the foreign sorceress and dictator, the "Protector" Soulcatcher. Almost always shortened to simply "Great General", the rank was part of Soulcatcher's Privy Council, but since Mogaba despised the backstabbing behaviors of the other Council members, the Great General was typically absent from their meetings.

Water Sleeps and priorEdit

Before the Shadowmaster wars, Taglios had no effective military presence despite its large imperial domain. The Great General position was inspired by the militarization imposed upon the city by Croaker the Liberator, his wife Lady, and also possibly their predecessor Willow Swan, the man who raised Taglios's first noteworthy armies in generations.

The Great General was responsible for all military affairs outside the city of Taglios proper. (Within the city, military affairs were handled by the City Battalions and policing was handled by the Greys.) Mogaba gained an untarnished record as Great General by continually defeating the Black Company during the Kiaulune wars.

Soldiers LiveEdit

In Soldiers Live, Mogaba in his role as Great General became part of a triumvirate which controlled Taglios in Soulcatcher's absence. The other members were fellow Protectorate leaders Ghopal Singh (commander of the Greys) and Aridatha Singh (commander of the City Battalions). After Mogaba's death, the universally-respected Aridatha Singh became the new Great General.

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