The Great Forest (also called the Old Forest) was an immensely forested region north of the city of Oar. The White Rose, who led the successful rebellion against the Dominator's empire, commanded her forces in the Great Forest. The final battle was fought when the Great Comet was at its closest approach in the sky over the forest. After the White Rose's victory, she imprisoned the Dominator, his wife the Lady, and the Ten Who Were Taken alive (but immobile) inside the Barrowland, a fortified and magically-guarded burial ground within the Great Forest. The Eternal Guard was established as the permanent garrison for the Barrowland, and a small town would develop around them, tucked away within the dense woodland.

The Great Forest was visited by the Black Company in Shadows Linger, while they were in the service of the Lady's Empire, and again about 6 years later in The White Rose, when they were in the service of the New White Rose Rebellion. The remote human tribes native to the Great Forest suffered badly when Toadkiller Dog forced them to serve the Dominator during the Battle of the Barrowland, and later, when he forced them to serve the Limper (the "wicker man") in The Silver Spike.

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