Gossamer was an influential sorceress in the Lady's Empire during The Silver Spike.

The Silver Spike[edit | edit source]

Gossamer and her twin sister, Spidersilk, had trained in the art of magic at the Tower at Charm, and dressed in black clothes in imitation of the Ten Who Were Taken. She was sent along with the Nightstalker Brigade to Oar to secure the silver spike. However, she and her sister had secretly plotted to take the spike for themselves. They planned to use its power to gain the magnitude of the Taken, and to take control of the northern empire for themselves. After the Limper's attack on Oar, Gossamer and her sister made their move to steal the spike by betraying Exile, Wildbrand, and the Nightstalkers and attacking Bomanz. Although one of the twins actually grabbed the spike, their plan failed. One sister was hacked to death by Darling, and the other was killed by Raven.

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