Glory was the sister of Tokar, Clete, and the young Snoopy. Like her two grown brothers, Glory was a Resurrectionist secretly dedicated to liberating the ancient tyrant known as the Dominator from the Barrowland. Her fiancé, Stancil, was also an important member of this group. She appeared in the "flashback" biographic narrative of Bomanz in The White Rose.

The White RoseEdit

Glory was engaged to Stancil at the university of Oar, and presumably helped her brother Tokar persuade him into joining the Resurrectionists. Her fiancé would become utterly sworn to their cause, holding their goal of freeing the Dominator above even the safety of his own parents.

Shortly before the tenth arrival of the Great Comet (370 years after the Dominator was imprisoned) Glory arrived with her siblings when they traveled to the Barrowland, ostensibly to meet Stancil's father Bomanz. However, their actual goal was to attempt to liberate the Dominator in a few days. Stancil betrayed his father and brought her into the private ceremony during which Bomanz's disembodied spirit left his body to make contact with the Lady for the first time. She was unsettled by Bomanz even though he appeared to simply be asleep. None of them knew that Bomanz could hear them plotting, confirming his worst suspicions. When Bomanz rushed back into his body, Glory and his son Stancil both prepared to kill him with daggers. Bomanz used a word of power to melt Glory's bones, a devastating sorcery. Stancil, aghast as his beloved fiancée died in front of him, rushed to murder his father. In despair Bomanz killed Stancil using the same magic.

Ultimately, Glory's mission to liberate the Dominator failed and her brother Tokar was killed by Bomanz minutes later. Worse, the surviving Resurrectionists were wiped out by the Lady "root and branch" to make sure her husband would stay imprisoned. Only perhaps Glory's very young sister, Snoopy, survived the chaos as she accompanied Jasmine south.

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