Plain of Glittering Stone

Approximately one quadrant of the glittering plain (circled)

My first glimpse of the plain awed me. Its immensity was indescribable. It was as flat as a table forever. It was grey on grey on grey, with the road just barely darker. There was no doubt whatsoever that this was all one vast artifact.

Sleepy, Water Sleeps

The glittering plain (sometimes place/plateau/plain of glittering stone, or simply the plain) is a gigantic, flat, circular structure of grey stone that connects sixteen entirely different worlds through a series of magic roads and shadowgates. The plain was a key location in the earliest history of the Black Company. And, more than 400 years later, it was revisited by descendants of the Company several times, beginning several months after the end of the Shadowmaster wars in She Is the Darkness; next, at the conclusion of Water Sleeps, and finally, during the events of Soldiers Live.

Only 3 of the 16 worlds linked by the plain are visited in the Annals: the homeworld of Croaker the Annalist; Hsien; and the Voroshk world.

The plain was constructed ages in the past by mysterious entities known only as the Nef. In the center of the plain is the fortress with no name, from where the prehistoric golem called Shivetya has oversight and control over the entire plain. Until the events of Soldiers Live, the plain was utterly infested by lethal shadows for countless generations, but this had not always been the case.

Plain of Glittering Stone by Didier Graffet

The glittering plain by Didier Graffet.

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