Ghopal Singh was a Shadar from Taglios who was one of the Greys, the law enforcement of the city during the Protectorate. He was briefly mentioned in Water Sleeps, during which he was the sergeant in charge of the patrols on the north side of the Palace of Taglios. He became commander of the Greys after his predecessor, Willow Swan, was kidnapped by the Black Company. Mogaba noted he had a particular flair for enforcing the law. During the events in Soldiers Live, Swan commented that Ghopal was initially a petty officer when he was in Taglios, and likely moved through the ranks during the Black Company's absence in Hsien.

Soldiers LiveEdit

Along with Mogaba (the Great General) and Aridatha Singh (commander of the City Battalions), he formed the triumvirate which plotted to remove Soulcatcher as dictator of Taglios, to create a more stable government.

When Mogaba realized he would lose the Siege of Taglios, he and Ghopal decided to secretly flee from the city, upriver on the great river, on a commandeered fisherman's boat. Their goal was to save face while giving Aridatha the opportunity to stop the battle. They were accompanied by two of Ghopal's unmarried second-cousins. Shortly after disembarking, they were accosted by Soulcatcher's haggard white crow, which demanded that they turn around and continue the fight for the city on her behalf. Mogaba replied in no uncertain terms that he would obey her no more, and, Ghopal swatted the bird with his oar. The next moment, they were swamped by the young sorcerer Tobo's most lethal Unknown Shadows. Ghopal, his two cousins, and Mogaba were tortured extensively and eventually killed by the monsters. Croaker's discovery of their assassinations forced him to realize that Tobo had lost control, and was abusing his power on a misguided quest for revenge for the murder of his parents.

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