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[[Category:Characters affiliated with Taglios]]
[[Category:Characters affiliated with Taglios]]
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Ghojarindi Ghoj was the highest-ranking official of the Shadar religion in Taglios when the Black Company first arrives at the city, in Shadow Games.

Shadow GamesEdit

Ghojarindi Ghoj's personal patron was Hada, the Shadar goddess of Death, Destruction, and Corruption. A subcult of the Hada cult called themselves the Children of Hada, who "dedicate themselves" with "random and senseless" acts of "murder and torture". Typically, however, their targets are assigned by their leader. In Shadow Games, Ghojarindi Ghoj ordered this subcult to kill Croaker, the foreign leader of the Black Company, who offended him for his Company's efforts to prepare the city for the threat posed by the Shadowmasters. Ghojarindi Ghoj's right-hand man, Jahamaraj Jah, informed on him to Croaker out of gratitude for the physician saving his daughter from appendicitis. Ghoj's six assassins were spotted by Frogface, and they were captured. The Nar impaled all six of them to send a very public message to anyone who would seek to do the Company harm. When Ghojarindi Ghoj fled westward, Croaker had him assassinated by Goblin in "a sudden, dramatic surfeit of boils". Jahamaraj Jah became the leader of the Shadar in Taglios, indebted to the Black Company.

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