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What I called a manor house was really more like a village completely enclosed within a single blockish structure. The principal building material was an unbaked brick kept carefully plastered so it would not wash away in the rain. Inside there was an open central square with both cisterns and a good well. Stables and workshops opened on it all around. The rest of the structure was a warren of halls and rooms where people obviously lived and worked and ran shops and lived life as though the place was indeed some sort of city.

Gharhawnes was a stout manor north of the Dandha Presh mountains of the southern continent. It was a key location during the early part of the Black Company's war against the Protectorate in Soldiers Live.

Soldiers Live[]

Capture by the Black Company[]

Gharhawnes was a sprawling manor where dedicated Protectorate officials resisted the advance of the Black Company. The Company – commanded by Sleepy and reconstituted with 10,000 trained soldiers from Hsien – had disarmed the Shadowlands south of this location, including capturing the fortress at Nijha. The loyalists holed up inside Gharhawnes were not popular leaders, and they attempted to kill several people who sought to leave the manor. The Company ensured that the steady flow of civilians was uninterrupted. And instead of a costly fight, Sleepy had Tobo use his allies, the Unknown Shadows, to harass and terrify the Protectorate men into finally surrendering. The supernatural entities specified which of the Protectorate loyalists were the "irredeemable" leaders, and those were executed. The rest of the defenders were turned over to the Prahbrindrah Drah and the Radisha Drah for presumably less harsh judgment.

Reawakening of the Howler[]

The Howler had been brought along by the Company in an unconscious state after their return to the homeworld from Hsien. He was finally reawakened from his 15-year-long stasis by Tobo on Sleepy's orders in the Gunni temple of Gharhawnes. This was done in a showy ceremony meant to impress the locals. In attendance was Croaker in his Widowmaker persona and armor rig. With no choice, the Howler agreed to become their ally. He soon manufactured flying carpets for them, and also reluctantly tutored Tobo in the process of making them.

Secret negotiations with Aridatha Singh[]

Riverwalker and a Company cavalry officer named Tea Nung quietly interrupted the reawakening ceremony of the Howler to inform Sleepy that Aridatha Singh had arrived. Aridatha was secretly representing a triumvirate consisting of himself, the Great General Mogaba, and Ghopal Singh, who were the three most powerful individuals in the Protectorate after Soulcatcher herself. He conspired with Sleepy and her people for the bloodless capture of Dejagore. At Gharhawnes he also learned that his estranged father, Narayan Singh, was recently killed. After reassuring them why he could be trusted, Aridatha explained why Soulcatcher's nearest Protectorate forces, thought their numbers were greater, were poorly trained and very poorly armed.

After Gharhawnes, the next major confrontation between the Black Company and Soulcatcher's Protectorate was the Battle of the Middle Ground.