Ghanghesha is the god of good luck and one of the primary deities in the polytheistic Gunni faith. Represented as a two-headed elephant, he is worshipped by numerous Gunni cults found in the deep south of the southern continent, including Taglios, Dejagore, and many other smaller kingdoms and locales. He is also worshipped by the Nyueng Bao, a tiny minority which has lived in the swamps of the great river west of Taglios for generations. The Nyueng Bao were originally worshippers of Kina, but the imagery and cult of Ghanghesha was so prevalent and influential, that they eventually forgot Kina and adopted Ghanghesha.

Unlike Kina – a real entity about whom countless myths have sprung up – there is no indication in the Annals that Ghanghesha was anything other than a mythological character.

Doctrines Edit

In the Gunni faith, Ghanghesha could be petitioned to pardon wrongdoers who needed help finding their "anchor within the light". Many poor Gunni look to him for protection, and carrying small clay figurines of him as talismans was not unknown. Sleepy, a Vehdna, comically characterized the deity as "happy-go-lucky old" Ghanghesha. However, as One-Eye insightfully mentioned, Ghanghesha is two-faced because luck is the same way, and the jolly deity could cause great hardship by his inaction. The Nyueng Bao priests of Ghanghesha made regular midnight offerings to him "in hopes of inspiring the god to grant the world another complete daily cycle free from calamity and despair".

In the Annals Edit

Ghanghesha is most often mentioned in the Annals of the Black Company indirectly, in one of two typical contexts:

  1. He is the namesake of the chief temple of the Nyueng Bao, called the Vinh Gao Ghang Temple of Ghanghesha, which appeared in She Is the Darkness and was discussed by Tobo years later in Soldiers Live.
  2. Clay figurines of Ghanghesha played an important role in the plots of the Black Company during their last days in Taglios in Water Sleeps. Small statues of him were used as props by Sleepy and Ky Sahra in their guises as "Sawa" and "Minh Subredil", respectively, during their time hiding directly under Soulcatcher's nose at the Palace of Taglios. They were mocked by Jaul Barundandi for the figurines. Later, the clay statues were used to hide captured shadows, and in one instance, live fireball projector ammunition.
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