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Garnet is one of the Jewel Cities, a collective of famous maritime city-states. It is the third of only three such cities to be identified by name in the Annals (Shadow Games, ch. 9). Croaker the Annalist supplies no details about the city, and the name "Garnet" is recorded only once, where it does not actually refer to the city itself but rather the "Garnet Roads" serving it.

Shadow Games[]

After Croaker, Lady, and the remnants of the Black Company disembarked from the fear-inspiring flagship called The Dark Wings in Beryl, the Imperial crew of the vessel immediately set sail for the Garnet Roads to begin an extended patrol against pirates and smugglers.


Few facts are explicitly clear about Garnet. It is located on the southern continent and is younger than Beryl, the ancient "Queen of the Jewel Cities". It must be less than 300 miles beyond the Sea of Torments but is presumably close to the coast.

Garnet must have been annexed by the Lady's Empire by the time of Shadow Games. The Lady herself confirmed that her "frontier lies three hundred miles beyond the sea now". Upon learning this, Croaker confessed in his writings: "it never occurred to me that the southern proconsuls might expand the borders beyond the maritime city-states, only the Jewel Cities themselves were of any strategic value."

It is also known that Garnet is not along the land route south of Beryl which was taken by Croaker, as it is mentioned to be in a distinctly different direction than Croaker's route.

Other facts about Garnet can be inferred:

  • Age: Unless Garnet was formed after chapter 1 of The Black Company (not likely), than it is older than Opal, the only Jewel City to be located on the coast of the northern continent.
  • Relationship to Beryl: While Garnet is not specifically mentioned in The Black Company, it is a near certainty that the city is located somewhere among the "spiderweb of routes" mentioned in the first chronicle which branch out from the gulf city of Beryl, the oldest Jewel City. If so, Garnet – like the rest of the (unnamed) Jewel Cities – would be served by the many "coastal dhows" with "particolored sails" coming from Beryl.
  • Location: Given that Garnet is not mentioned as part of Toadkiller Dog's eastbound odyssey from Beryl toward the Straits of Angine in The Silver Spike, the city is almost certainly not located along the coast of the Sea of Torments east of Beryl. This would suggest Garnet is found on one of the water routes farther inland, possibly in the regions west of Beryl. If it is east of Beryl, then conceivably, it is downstream from the coast on either the River Bigotes or the Hyclades.