Garnet is one of the Jewel Cities, possibly located somewhere among the "spiderweb of routes" branching out from Beryl, the oldest Jewel City. The Annals supply no details about the city, and the name is recorded only once by Croaker, who does not even refer to the city itself but rather the roads serving it.

Shadow GamesEdit

After Croaker, Lady, and the remnants of the Black Company disembarked from the fear-inspiring flagship called The Dark Wings in Beryl, the Imperial crew of the vessel immediately set sail for the Garnet Roads to begin an extended patrol against pirates and smugglers.

Given that Garnet is not mentioned as part of Toadkiller Dog's eastbound odyssey from Beryl toward the Straits of Angine in The Silver Spike, Garnet is almost certainly not located along the coast of the Sea of Torments east of Beryl.

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