The Gardens was the name of a 200-year-old restaurant in Opal. It was a focal point of high-society in the Lady's Empire by the time of The Black Company.

The Black Company[edit | edit source]

At the "Camellia Grotto" in the Gardens, the senior leadership of the Black Company met with Raven, a potential new recruit. There, they humiliated Lord Jalena, a powerful Imperial staff general. Moments later, in full view of countless witnesses, Raven stabbed two of his enemies to death and strangled Morningstar, his traitorous wife, with his left hand.

Shadow Games[edit | edit source]

Croaker, now an Imperial legate, dined with Lady at the "Camellia Grotto" in the Gardens. Despite being the Empress, she had never been there before that visit. One-Eye and Goblin used their wizardry to create illusions that Croaker was a terrifying sorcerer or possibly even a demon, and, they also worked to create the deceit that the Lady still had her powers. They dined in mostly awkward silence before leaving the city, never to return, aboard The Dark Wings.

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