Freak (real name Heart-of-the-Lion) was a member of the Black Company who joined alongside his brother, Geek, during the group's southward march toward fabled Khatovar in Shadow Games. The brothers were K'Hlata (from the savannah south of D'loc Aloc) but were forced to leave after killing three members of a rival tribe. Both were tall black men who carried long-bladed spears, a black and white hide shield, and a number of javelins. During the Siege of Dejagore (as recounted in Bleak Seasons), the brothers were part of the Old Crew. Freak witnessed a Nar soldier spear his brother Geek to death. In return, he immediately slew his brother's killer. He is not mentioned again in the Annals, so his fate afterward is unspecified. However, he presumably fought in the remainder of the Shadowmaster wars; if he survived, he might have either become one of the Captured or served under Sleepy during the Kiaulune wars.

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