The forvalaka is a beast from the jungles of the south. During the day it appears like a human and during the night it turns into a black leopard. However, some forvalaka only live in their leopard form. The forvalaka is a predator, which feeds on humans. It drinks the blood of its victims and eats their internal organs. The beast is almost impossible to defeat with normal weapons, as his wounds heal instantly. Magic attacks can hurt it, however they are also ineffective due to its inhuman speed.

The forvalaka usually live in the southern lands, which was the birthplace of One-Eye and Tom-Tom. A young forvalaka almost killed their master, who was a great sorcerer. Many years later the brothers had to face another forvalaka in the city of Beryl. The beast killed the entire palace and claimed the life of One-Eye’s younger brother.

The Taken, Shapeshifter, and his apprentice Lisa Daele Bowalk, were known to take the shape of a forvalaka.

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