Forest of Cloud

The Forest of Cloud and nearby geography

The Forest of Cloud was a massive evergreen forest located to the east of the Salient and west of the major city of Lords. Two key events pertaining to Whisper occurred there in The Black Company: the capture of her valuable documents, and, her Taking by the Lady.

The Black CompanyEdit

The Forest of Cloud was the location of Whisper's hidden Rebel base camp during her northern campaign against the Lady's Empire. Near her sleeping quarters, Whisper buried a cache of research in her quest to learn the true names of the Lady and the Ten Who Were Taken. She learned the Limper's name and secretly suborned him to serve her. Her camp in the Forest was insufficiently guarded by inexperienced volunteers and a small amazon regiment when the Black Company stumbled into it and captured it. When Goblin connected to Soulcatcher using his mental sorcery link to keep her apprised of their success, he found himself subjected to the Lady's Eye. After they fled the forest, Whisper returned to find her secret documents stolen. Although she normally did not coordinate with the rest of the Circle of Eighteen, this time she reported her loss to Circle.

The Forest of Cloud was also the site where Croaker and Raven conducted their successful ambush and capture of Whisper and the Limper. In a grove of huge ancient evergreens, they waited until Soulcatcher arrived. Shapeshifter visited briefly but left. The Lady herself then visited in person, and offered Raven the opportunity to kill the Limper, which he refused. She subjected the Limper to extensive, excruciating torture for his treason, and then had him carried away in a cocoon by a massive luminescent dragonfly demon to the Tower. Next she revealed that she was capable of performing the Rite of Taking, and enslaved Whisper in that agonizing process. During this, Whisper as well as Croaker and Raven were subjected to the Lady's Eye.

Silent trekked through the Forest of Cloud, alone, and observed many of these events from hiding. He was tracking an amulet worn by Croaker. After Soulcatcher departed, Croaker and Silent rode out of the Forest with Raven (on Limper and Whisper's horses), heading for Lords.

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