Flick was the elderly grandfather of Darling in The Black Company. He and his grandchild were rescued from a nightmarish situation early in the Black Company's campaign in the north, after which they became camp followers. Although he would be killed soon after, his granddaughter would go on to play a historic role affecting the entire northern continent.

The Black CompanyEdit

Flick and his granddaughter Darling were saved by Raven after their Rebel-aligned village in Forsberg was pillaged by the Limper's soldiers. He and Darling then travel with the Black Company as camp followers, as Flick feels he owes a debt to his savior. He shares many Rebel stories and prophecies with Pickles, the band's quartermaster, despite the fact that the group is in the service of the Lady's Empire.

During the Company's campaign, they capture the fortress at Deal and are garrisoned there for several weeks. Although Flick was not supposed to leave this fortress, he accompanied Raven, Candy, Doughbelly, Jolly, and some others on one of their last weekly "turnip patrols" to the city of Oar to purchase supplies. These trips were usually uneventful and an occasion for heavy drinking. But this time the group is smoked out of their lodgings at Cornie's stable, and confronted by local thugs who had been hired by the Limper's men Zouad and Lane. When they demand Raven come with them, Flick stands up for his rescuer. But this escalates the situation and violence breaks out. Flick is killed during the ensuing fighting. Raven steps up and becomes Darling's guardian for many subsequent years.

Serbian The Black Company front

The front cover of the Serbian translation of The Black Company depicts Raven's rescue of Darling and the elderly Flick (bearded, center, on foot).

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