The Black Company Campaign Setting Cover Art by Wayne Reynolds

Feather (center) by Wayne Reynolds

Feather was a powerful female Rebel sorcerer, and a "recently promoted" member of the Circle of Eighteen, who fought against the Lady's rule in The Black Company. She would be forced to serve her enemy upon being enslaved as a member of the new Taken.

The Black CompanyEdit

Feather was newly married to Journey, another new member of the Circle. They were captured together during their honeymoon by the Black Company and were delivered to the Tower at Charm by the Howler via flying carpet. Inside the Tower, they were subjected to the horrors of the Rite of Taking and the Eye, forced to become the second and third members of the new Taken. They then fought beside Whisper, another member of the Circle who had been Taken.

Feather and Journey joined the fighting toward the end of the Battle of Charm. When they appeared, Croaker realized they had been Taken. They did not have command over a significant portion of the troops defending the Tower, unlike the other Taken.

Feather and Journey, and the subsequent additions to the new Taken, dressed identically with the sole exception of Whisper.

Shadows LingerEdit

Feather attacked the Black Castle in Juniper from her flying carpet in Shadows Linger. When the Black Watchers fought back with a kind of magic artillery, she was blasted from the air and killed in a dramatic explosion. She was the first of the Lady's Taken to die. Her husband Journey was enraged, and attempted to avenge her. When his own carpet was destroyed by the Black Watchers' counterattacks, he stole the Limper's carpet, and lost that one as well.

The Lady explained to Croaker in a vision that Feather and Whisper had conspired without her permission to threaten the Black Company. This was the danger that the Captain had learned about, which caused him to secretly order the senior Company brothers to flee Juniper, and which inspired him to steal the Lady's own carpet, resulting in his death.

New Taken
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