The Falcon of Rail was a proconsul of the Lady's Empire mentioned during Shadow Games. He, his family, and his escort departed the Tower at Charm and headed north sometime before the Battle of the Barrowland. About 2 weeks north of Charm, the group was ambushed by a gang of 25 bandits who were deserters from the northern Imperial armies. The Falcon of Rail disappeared – kidnapped or killed – and his family and escort were murdered.

The proconsul's overturned carriage and murdered family were discovered by the southward-bound Lady and her escort, the last 6 members of the haggard Black Company (Croaker, One-Eye, Goblin, Otto, Hagop, and Murgen). This was the first sign of the dissolution of the Lady's hard-fought Empire. Using inventive wizardry, the Company outsmarted the Falcon of Rail's 25 attackers, rounded them up, and turned them over to the loyal Imperial garrison in Vest.

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