Exile was a powerful sorcerer in the Lady's Empire who gained power after her departure. He represented the leadership of the empire during The Silver Spike.

The Silver SpikeEdit

He arrived in Oar and took over the search for the silver spike after his subordinates, the twins Gossamer and Spidersilk, prove untrustworthy. Exile conducts himself honestly in his dealings with the spike thieves Old Man Fish and Smeds Stahl, paying them their treasure as promised. He also treats Darling – the reborn White Rose of the former Rebel movement against the empire – with respect. During the chaotic confrontation with the Limper on the ramparts of Oar, Exile blasts the Taken with a "torrential shower of fire" which ultimately does not harm the Limper. He, Gossamer, and Spidersilk together levitate an enormous lidded pot filled with water and piles of firewood through the air, to boil away the Limper's new clay body. A windwhale dumps the Limper and Toadkiller Dog (an imperial ally) into it, and the fire is started.

Exile and Brigadier Wildbrand of the Nightstalker Brigade next direct the hours-long engineering operation to retrieve the silver spike from inside the city rampart, where the thieves had hidden it. Once the spike is exposed, Gossamer and Spidersilk betray everyone. One of the twins murders Exile in an unsuccessful bid to steal the spike, leaving Wildbrand as the highest-ranking surviving Imperial officer on the scene.

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