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Elm is a major city of the northern continent which appeared in The Black Company. It is located south of the province known as the Salient, and north of the Tower at Charm. The city is on the road between the fortress of Meystrikt to the north and the Tower to its south. Elm has gated walls, a palace, and a barracks, and may be in close proximity to Rye.

The Black Company[]

Elm was first mentioned in the Annals of Croaker as one of the cities the Black Company marched near during their very first trek to Forsberg province.

The Company's 1-week garrison[]

Later, the Black Company briefly went into garrison in Elm. On their way to the city, the Limper's forces simultaneously lost the city of Oar and the entire province of Forsberg north of the Salient to Raker, one of the Circle of Eighteen. In Elm, Croaker and some other Company brothers were punished by the Captain with laborious, extra duty assignments. This was because of the risky liberties they took in Oar against their dangerous rival the Limper. Croaker recorded that the men bemoaned the fact that they could not do business with Elm's "madonnas of the night".

The Company remained in Elm for merely a week before being ordered northward to occupy Meystrikt, the most important fortress in the Salient. As the platoons were in review for the march north, Raven entered Elm's gate and reunited with them. He had been thought dead since the battle in the streets of Oar. He was warmly embraced by Darling, and, after a moment of consideration, allowed back into the brotherhood by the Captain.

The Limper & the Rebel uprising[]

The Limper was ordered to Elm for his military incompetence in the Salient. He and his forces left Meystrikt and swapped places with the Black Company in Elm. He personally left Elm, however, and traveled to Roses to steal the treasure which was being used by Soulcatcher and some senior members of the Black Company to entrap Raker. In his absence, Soulcatcher and her close ally among the Ten Who Were Taken, Shapeshifter, secretly incited a Rebel revolt in Elm. The Rebels attacked the palace and the barracks, but were quashed by Shapeshifter in a successful move to further embarrass the Limper and discredit him in the eyes of the Lady. Soulcatcher informed the Limper about this, in person, in Roses right at a moment when he was threatening the senior members of the Company. Fearing the Lady's wrath, the Limper fled in terror to return to Elm where he belonged.

The Silver Spike[]

Although Elm is not specified by name in The Silver Spike, the city was almost certainly one of the many sacked by the Limper, Toadkiller Dog, and their ragtag army during their bloody southward march.