Drake Crest was a mercenary brigade originating from Roses.[1] They were commanded by a colonel called Lot. Croaker states they were not a well decorated unit and had an unremarkable history. They are mentioned in Croaker's Annals only in passing.

The White Rose Edit

Croaker and several Black Company members concocted a cover story involving Drake Crest when they visited the Barrowland to conduct a secret investigation for the New White Rose Rebellion. After they got lodgings at the Blue Willy, they were approached by the Monitor (commanding officer) of the Eternal Guard, Colonel Sweet, who suspected they could be Rebels or Resurrectionists. Croaker passed himself off as a trader called Candle, who was formally a pikeman in Drake Crest's Second Battalion. Even though Croaker could not answer Sweet's challenge about Colonel Lot's favorite drink, he was still able to convince Sweet of his cover story, and he secretly continued the Company's investigation regarding the mysterious informant called "Corbie".

References Edit

  1. The White Rose, chapter 31, "Night in the Barrowland"
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