Doughbelly was a sworn brother of the Black Company. He was mentioned in the Annals during their employment in the Lady's Empire. Before that, he was with the Company in Beryl, and made the trip across the Sea of Torments aboard Soulcatcher's giant galley, The Dark Wings, to Opal.

The Black CompanyEdit

Doughbelly first appeared in the Annals during the Company's first visit to Forsberg province. He was part of an advance team alongside Longhead and Jolly and were the first to arrive outside a village that had been razed by the Limper's army. The three observed that about two dozen of the Limper's drunken men remained in the village, but Longhead decided not to make themselves known to these men. Doughbelly rode back to the main force, and notified the Lieutenant about the Limper's men. The Lieutenant ordered the sergeant Elmo to investigate, who chose Otto, Silent, Peewee, Whitey, Billygoat, Raven, Croaker, and three others to accompany him. Doughbelly brought the group to Longhead and Jolly, and they entered the village, which was strewn with corpses of all ages. Doughbelly was present when Raven rescued Darling and Flick from the Limper's men by shooting two of them. The group departed after the Captain de-escalated the confrontation with the Limper's officer Lane.

Later, in the major city of Oar, Doughbelly, Candy, and Jolly were with Raven in Cornie's stable when Lane, Lane's superior officer, and about a dozen hired local thugs targeted Raven. They fired the stable and attacked the Company brothers as they fled. The Company mercenaries fought back, killing the dozen locals, while the ringleaders Lane and the superior officer escaped. Doughbelly received a gash in his left forearm (which Croaker soon treated), but Raven was grievously wounded, and Flick, the grandfather of Darling, was killed. Doughbelly reported to Elmo and Croaker that their attackers were not Rebels, but locals paid by Lane and his superior officer. Elmo realized that Lane's superior was the Limper's favorite enforcer, Colonel Zouad.

Doughbelly's fate after these events was not recorded. However, as he was not among the 10 Black Company survivors of the Battle of the Barrowland many years later, he is presumed to be deceased by the end of The White Rose.

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