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Master Santaraksita

Sleepy, in her "Dorabee" alter ego, studies with Master Santaraksita.

Dorabee Dey Banerjae was the name of both a young Taglian man who fought and died beside Sleepy in the Kiaulune wars, and one of Sleepy's alter egos in Water Sleeps. The real Dorabee might have been a Black Company brother, but this was not actually specified in the Annals. Years later, Sleepy used his name in her public-facing disguise as a lowly, male sweeper at the library of Taglios.

The real Dorabee[]

The real Dorabee Dey Banerjae was the son of Dollal Dey Banerjae. Dollal had been one of the many Taglians who volunteered as a recruit in one of the original legions raised by Croaker the newly-hired Liberator in Shadow Games at the onset of the Black Company's involvement in the Shadowmaster wars. Dollal never returned from Ghoja, indicating that he was killed at the Battle of Ghoja Ford.[1]

Dorabee had been very close to his family, which included multiple brothers and sisters.[2] He followed his father's footsteps and joined the Taglian forces under the Black Company's command in a later portion of the Shadowmaster wars. He must have been present in the deepest south, probably in or near Kiaulune, when the Company's leadership disappeared onto the glittering plain. When the Radisha Drah and Soulcatcher turned the Taglian forces against the remainder of the Company, initiating the Kiaulune wars, Dorabee remained loyal to the Company's new leader, Sleepy. He fought beside her and was killed in combat in a skirmish near the Daka Woods.[3]

Sleepy's alter ego[]

After being defeated in the Kiaulune wars, Sleepy transformed the Black Company into an urban underground within Taglios. One of her alter egos was a poor, low-caste boy who was hired to be the sweeper of the library of Taglios by Surendranath Santaraksita, the Master of the library. She used "Dorabee Dey Banerjae" as the name for this persona. When she was caught reading books by Master Santaraksita, she learned that he had known the real Dorabee's father, Dollal. But Sleepy talked her way out of the situation, and for a time afterward safely maintained her alter ego.[4] The "Dorabee" persona ceased to exist before Sleepy evacuated the Company incognito from Taglios.


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