Demons are otherworldly beings with varying shapes and appearances. While the Black Company series is primarily a human story, demons do appear, but most often as servants of wizards. Most demons wield supernatural abilities, and they can be extraordinarily fast, strong, and dangerous in battle. A single demon was enough to obliterate a squad of soldiers, while two of them were able to match one of the Taken in combat.

See Category:Demons (real) for a list of non-mythological demons.

Books of the North[edit | edit source]

Demons did not feature heavily in Croaker's Annals for the events of The Black Company. He did encounter two dragonfly demons commanded by the Lady, and, other demons were known to have participated in the climactic Battle of Charm.

Demons became increasingly important in the next two Books of the North. In Shadows Linger, the freakish humanoids called castle creatures were the agents of the Dominator; they were the primary enemy combatants during the Battle of Juniper. Also, the Limper was mentioned to have summoned a demon at the port of Meadenvil which consumed a man whole.

In The White Rose, the hound-like Toadkiller Dog and his humanoid companion Tracker were the shape-shifting demon servants of the Dominator. Old Father Tree – a key ally of the New White Rose Rebellion – was a prehistoric demon of godlike power who begat a son, the Sapling, upon Croaker's request. Additionally, a whole horde of demons in service to the Dominator was systematically exterminated during the Battle of the Barrowland. The Barrowland dragon (a towering demon in service to the original White Rose) was slain by Bomanz during that battle.

Books of the South[edit | edit source]

The Books of the South introduced two imps, which were a class of demon. Frogface was Soulcatcher's only truly loyal servant throughout both Shadow Games and Dreams of Steel. A different imp, the snake imp, made a brief appearance in Taglios.

In The Silver Spike, the ferocious Toadkiller Dog returned to be the Limper's indispensable ally until he was betrayed. The Limper also summoned the demon known as the fire-eater during a violent confrontation outside the Temple of Travellers' Repose. A bizarre demon was conjured by Bomanz to chase Toadkiller Dog when it fled the Temple, described by Case as follows: "a shimmery something that looked like an elephant with a nest of tentacles for a head".

Another of Soulcatcher's demons – a hideous monster which she summoned at Overlook – appeared briefly in Dreams of Steel.

Books of Glittering Stone[edit | edit source]

Demons were not prominent during the first three Books of Glittering Stone. Instead, shadows (entities of human, not otherworldly, origin) were most often utilized by wizards during this time period. However, two key demons came to the forefront in Soldiers Live. The first was the Khadidas, a demon of Kina, and the second was Shivetya, a mysterious golem and ally of the Black Company.

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