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The Daughter of Night, also known by her birth parents as Booboo, was the daughter of Lady and Croaker. She was worshiped as the messiah of the goddess Kina by the Stranglers, who kidnapped her as soon as she was born. Her parents did not even have the time to give her a proper name, and would refer to her simply as "Booboo" afterward. For years, she was inseparable from Narayan Singh, the chief jamadar of the Stranglers and her new adoptive parent. Years later, Narayan would be replaced by the Khadidas, a demonic entity that seemed to be a part of Kina herself. The Daughter dedicated her entire life, even her young childhood years, to transcribing the Books of the Dead, which were magic tomes that would bring about the Year of the Skulls and free Kina from her ancient, supernatural bonds.

Dreams of Steel[]

As Lady had been involved with the cult of the Stranglers and their dark rituals while being pregnant, Kina shared her dark powers with the girl in the womb. When the baby was kidnapped, Ram (one of the Stranglers who had grown close to Lady) defied his cult brothers and fought to the death to protect the baby. He killed four of them before he was taken down. Narayan Singh fled with the infant and Lady vowed bloody vengeance.

Bleak Seasons[]

In Bleak Seasons, the Daughter was carried by Narayan Singh at the Grove of Doom. There, he and some other senior Stranglers held negotiations with the 6 shadowweavers who were Longshadow's emissaries. Almost the whole congregation was wiped out by a Black Company strike force led by Murgen which included One-Eye, Goblin, Thai Dei, and Wishbone. Narayan desperately fled with the Daughter, and escaped only with the help of the Howler who was able to extract them with a flying carpet.

She Is the Darkness[]

By the time of She Is the Darkness, the Daughter was 4 years old. When she spoke to the illiterate Narayan about the Books of the Dead, however, it was apparent that Kina had influenced the child's mind to be dramatically more mature and frightening than any normal child of the same age. She demanded that Narayan provide her with ample writing supplies so she could transcribe the first Book of the Dead using her mental connection to Kina. Then, she could read the book and summon forth the others, so that they could all be used to bring about the Year of the Skulls.

Water Sleeps[]

The Daughter and Narayan Singh remained out of sight, and worked diligently to rebuild the cult of the Stranglers. They conducted initiation sacrifices – that is, rumel murders – for new members in places like Dejagore, Meldermhai, Ghoja and Danjil. She may have used her primitive "love me" spell to aid in this endeavor.

Daughter of Night by Виталий Стрелец

The Daughter of Night by Виталий Стрелец

In the slums of Taglios[]

By Water Sleeps, the Daughter was 20 years old and had moved with Narayan to Taglios proper. They were hiding in the slum called Chor Bagan to avoid the notice of Soulcatcher, the Daughter's maternal aunt who was the undisputed tyrant of the city for the past 15 years. One of her primary goals was to transcribe the first of the Books of the Dead as Kina mentally guided her hand. This process continued when the slum was besieged by Soulcatcher's city police force, the Greys, who were actually looking for the instigators of recent unrest (this turned out to be the Black Company, which was at this time an underground organization embedded elsewhere in Taglios).

Continuing the reconstruction of the Strangler cult, the Daughter now oversaw the first initiation killing within Taglios. Though it was done at the hands of one of her new cultists, the victim was noteworthy: Perhule Khoji, an important tax collector. Breaking her anonymity, the Daughter announced her presence to many witnesses there to instill public fear. The Strangler killing of Khoji and the Daughter's prominent presence there was reported to the Radisha Drah herself, who presented the troubling development to the Privy Council and Soulcatcher.

Transported by the Black Company[]

The Daughter and Narayan were subdued in Chor Bagan by Goblin and One-Eye, Black Company wizards sent by Sleepy, the Annalist and ranking officer of the group. After Soulcatcher herself was chased away by Company sharpshooters using fireball projector fire, the two wizards brought Narayan and the girl to be imprisoned in the Company's headquarters, the warehouse owned by the elderly Nyueng Bao merchant Banh Do Trang. The two captives were transported as far as the Shadowgate, where they were abandoned only by necessity.

Captured by Soulcatcher[]

The Daughter and Narayan were next taken into custody by Soulcatcher, who brought them northwards towards Taglios in a bizarre procession. Soulcatcher, in her idea of a joke, took on the hideous aspect of Kina, frightening all the locals, as she led the Daughter behind her in chains and Narayan in a floating iron cage. On the southern side of the Dandha Presh, they were met by Mogaba, who privately begged Soulcatcher to simply murder the pair of captives. But Soulcatcher refused: she wished to keep the Daughter alive strictly for the possibility of using the young woman as a conduit to leech Kina's awesome power. At this time, the Daughter felt something dreadful, and for the first time: she had suddenly and completely lost her mental and spiritual connection to Kina. She was unaware that the reason was due to the actions of Sleepy's Black Company, out beneath the distant fortress with no name: they had just incinerated the original Books of the Dead, and Goblin had just impaled Kina's physical body through the heart with the Lance of Passion.

Before Soldiers Live[]

To escape Soulcatcher's custody, the Daughter "used some of her raw, completely untrained magical talent to blind their keepers for the moments they had needed" three years before Soldiers Live. They returned to rebuilding their cult.

Soldiers Live[]

The Daughter and her faithful guardian Narayan oversaw the restoration of the ancient Strangler temple within the Grove of Doom. There, in the presence of 100 other cultists and an equal number of terrified captives, they began rites to reconsecrate the temple and try to reconnect with Kina. This was abruptly interrupted when Narayan spotted one of Soulcatcher's spying crows. They all scattered in time-honored Strangler fashion, and the Daughter and Narayan escaped into the wilderness together. The young woman had to concentrate to use her crude talents to misdirect Soulcatcher's bats and owls, and Narayan had to strangle a scent hound with his rumel.

Somewhere north of the Plain of Charandaprash, the Daughter and Narayan were captured by the advance Black Company team led by the brothers Iqbal and Runmust Singh. This would be Narayan's final captivity. After the Company captured Nijha from Soulcatcher's Protectorate force there, the Khadidas – a demon loyal to Kina who possessed the body of Goblin – strangled Narayan with a rumel. He became the Daughter's new guardian on the run. The Khadidas was utterly fixated on the task of rewriting the Books of the Dead.

At the Battle of the Middle Ground[]

Not long after, the Daughter and the Khadidas were both seized by Protectorate soldiers. The captives were kept in separate cages within Soulcatcher's command tent. In the midst of the Battle of the Middle Ground, while Soulcatcher was carefully managing her devastating battlefield sorcery from a distance, the Khadidas made his move. He hit Soulcatcher with a spell or curse which left her in an irreversible, coma-like state which would slowly kill her (the same fate which befell his prior victim, Sedvod). He and the Daughter then took command of what remained of Soulcatcher's Middle Army, by making use of the young woman's inherited "love me" power: the ability to generate an invisible field which subtly converted all men around her into loyal, doting servants. This was similar to the power exhibited by other Senjak women in her maternal family tree. The Black Company wizards and leadership understood this, and caused her to become separated from the Taglians, undoing her influence. Soundly defeated by the Company, the Daughter and the Khadidas next escaped to the Grove of Doom.

Daughter of Night

The Daughter as depicted in the Campaign Setting

The Palace and aftermath[]

In the Grove, the Daughter disliked her new, strict guardian in contrast to her years with Narayan Singh. Though they had no writing materials at the Grove with which to rewrite the Books of the Dead, he ceaselessly instructed her in the philosophy of her role. During the Battle at the Shadowlander cemetery, they were both suddenly ambushed and captured by Mogaba's general, Aridatha Singh, and were sent under heavy guard to be imprisoned within the Palace of Taglios. They escaped into one of the abandoned sections of the sprawling Palace, using sorcery to remain hidden, and feverishly began rewriting the Books of the Dead. They were trapped when the Palace began collapsing, and were subdued by Tobo in the aftermath of the Siege of Taglios. As she was pulled from the rubble, she was seen in person for the very first time by her father Croaker.

The Daughter was rendered powerless and mentally rudderless when Croaker orchestrated Kina's destruction beneath the fortress with no name. Although catatonic for awhile, she recovered and tried to strangle her biological mother Lady with a rumel. Croaker had to stab his daughter several times to stop her. The girl died and Lady was left in a comatose state. Croaker sorrowfully deposited her corpse in the cave of the ancients in the desperate hope that perhaps someday she could be revived and healed, and that the lifelong brainwashing of Kina could be removed from her mind.