Curly was a sworn brother of the Black Company. He was active prior to the events of the first book, and during the band's contract with the Syndic of Beryl. His name came from the fact he was bald. Croaker frequently had to treat him for crabs.

The Black CompanyEdit

Curly was one of four members poisoned by the Blues after visiting the Mole Tavern. When Croaker offered him a foul-tasting antidote, Curly hesitated. But he finally drank it when Croaker reminded him that the same antidote saved Pokey, and that two other members of the Company, Walleye and Wild Bruce, had to be examined postmortem to allow him to develop it. The potion saved him just as it had Pokey.

Mercy, accompanied by Silent, Croaker, and others, soon confronted the barkeeper, Verus, and announced that he was charged with 2 counts of attempted murder and 2 counts of murder by the Syndic. They avenged the Blues' murders of Walleye and Wild Bruce and the attempts on Pokey and Curley in a bloodbath and many arrests.

Curly's fate after these events was not recorded, and it is uncertain if he survived the events in Beryl to make the journey to the Lady's Empire. However, as he was not among the 10 Black Company survivors of the Battle of the Barrowland many years later, he is presumed to be deceased by the end of The White Rose.

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