Crispin was a sworn brother of the Black Company. He was active during their employment in the Lady's Empire. Prior to this, Crispin was with the Company in Beryl, and made the trip across the Sea of Torments aboard Soulcatcher's giant galley, The Dark Wings, to Opal.

The Black CompanyEdit

Crispin was mentioned in the Annals only once, during the Company's first trek to Forsberg province. One day after they marched near the Tower at Charm, they encountered a corporal courier from the main force of the Limper, who treated the Lieutenant with disrespect. The Lieutenant shouted to one of his sergeants, Elmo, to flog the courier, not only because he was personally offended and his rank was disrespected, but primarily because the Company needed to send a message: they would not allow themselves to be treated as "second-class" by the Empire's regular armies. Elmo ordered Otto and Crispin to seize the man, which they did. Crispin cut the back of his shirt open and held him, while Elmo gave him 30 lashes with the Lieutenant's riding crop. This flogging would become one of several acts committed by the Company which would enrage the Limper, eventually causing him to become their most bitter enemy in the whole north.

Crispin's fate after these events was not recorded in the Annals. However, as he was not among the 10 Black Company survivors of the Battle of the Barrowland many years later, he is presumed to be deceased by the end of The White Rose.

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