Cratch was a sworn brother of the Black Company mentioned briefly in Soldiers Live. He was part of Croaker's eclectic group of Company men and allies permitted by Sleepy, the Captain, to enter the Voroshk world to get revenge upon Lisa Daele Bowalk. With conventional weapons, specially-prepared magic fetishes, and fireball projectors, they all subdued Bowalk despite her ferocious forvalaka shape. They also defeated 3 Voroshk wizards. Croaker ordered Cratch and Slobo to gather the firewood that would be used to incinerate the forvalaka once and for all. He also told Cratch to make sure no one touched One-Eye's spear without permission.

Others who were present during this operation were Lady, Murgen, Thai Dei, Willow Swan, Uncle Doj, Cletus, Loftus, a group of Unknown Shadows called the Black Hounds, and later Goblin (actually the Khadidas) and the Chu Ming brothers. Two others, Spiff and JoJo, were killed by Voroshk-tamed shadows before the encounter with the forvalaka.

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