The Court of All Seasons was the poorly-funded monarchic and aristocratic court of the empire of Hsien, mentioned but not seen in Soldiers Live.

Soldiers Live[edit | edit source]

The Court was based in Quang Ninh City and was composed of members of the aristocracy known as "Noble Judges". Despite its position in the empire, the Court held limited power; even less than the File of Nine. Croaker summarized them as follows: "The monarchy and aristocracy of record were little more than decorative and, in the main, too intimate with poverty to accomplish much if the inclination existed." While the Black Company was in Hsien, they did not often deal directly with the Court because Quang Ninh City was much too far away, and because the File of Nine was comparatively more influential.

The Court's influence was primarily as a moral authority. Like the File of Nine, and indeed every other organization and individual in Hsien, the Court was desperate to have Longshadow turned over to them to extract cathartic vengeance upon him for his prior tyranny.

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