Cornie was the elderly keeper of a stable, and a Rebel, in the major city of Oar.

The Black Company[edit | edit source]

When the Black Company recaptured the fortress in Deal from the Rebel, they sent a weekly "turnip patrol" into Oar to purchase supplies. Cornie's stable was always selected as the lodging by this patrol. The Company did not know Cornie was a Rebel.

Cornie was paid or forced by Colonel Zouad and his captain Lane to assist in the ambush of their enemy Raven, who was present inside Cornie's stable. Cornie was outraged when the local thugs hired by Zouad and Lane set fire to his property. Raven and some other Company men (primarily Candy, Doughbelly and Jolly) fought back, killing the dozen locals, while Zouad and Lane fled the area. The only fatality suffered on the Company's side in the ambush that Cornie helped orchestrate was the civilian Flick, the grandfather of Darling.

Cornie met up with the reinforcements from the Black Company and feigned ignorance. One-Eye hypnotized him and learned he was actually a local Rebel. The Company forced him to make Colonel Zouad fall into a trap and be captured by the Rebels. Afterward, Elmo ordered Whitey, Still, and Pokey to kill Cornie, which they did. Cornie's body was handed over to Shapeshifter, who disguised himself as Cornie so he could orchestrate his ambush of the Limper. Immediately after this ambush, Cornie's compatriots, all the Rebels of Oar, were wiped out by Shifter and the Black Company in the subsequent combat in the streets of the city.

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