Chor Bagan – also called the Thieves' Garden – was a crime-ridden neighborhood in the sprawling city of Taglios. It was the last major stronghold of criminal activity which the city police force called the Greys had not yet extirpated by the beginning of Water Sleeps.

Water SleepsEdit

Soulcatcher, the foreign sorceress who had taken over Taglios and established the Protectorate, came to believe (incorrectly) that the underground Black Company was headquartered someplace in Chor Bagan. While many rumors and anti-Protectorate sentiments were planted by Black Company members inside Chor Bagan, their headquarters was actually located in a warehouse owned by Banh Do Trang, a Nyueng Bao trader.

Soulcatcher sent the Greys to blockade and besiege the neighborhood in search of the Company. Ironically, some Company veterans sneaked through the Grey blockage to enter Chor Bagan: Goblin disguised himself as a veyedeen dervish and One-Eye dressed in the orange robes of a leper. They accomplished their goal of abducting the Daughter of Night and her guardian, the Strangler jamadar Narayan Singh. They even foiled one of Narayan's black rumel attacks. Soulcatcher, aboard her flying carpet, found them before they escaped Chor Bagan. They survived only with the help of Company sharpshooters, who covered their escape with fireball projector fire.

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