Chimney is a major city located on the Salada Peninsula, which "sticks way out like a thumb" from the western coast of the northern continent into the ocean. It is south of Meadenvil, another significant city.

Few details are recorded in the Annals about the city itself, as Chimney is mentioned mostly in the context of the arrival and departure of the Black Company.

Shadows LingerEdit

Raven and his young ward Darling flee from Meadenvil to Chimney in Shadows Linger. A select group of veterans of the Black Company – reduced and on the run from the Lady's Empire after the Battle of Juniper – arrives not long afterward. The Lieutenant finds Darling and Raven's ship, and he even observes what appears to be his body in a freshly-lit funeral pyre. But, he had faked his death in a hoax slip-and-fall accident in Chimney's public bath. Even Darling was deceived this time.

The Lieutenant takes employment with the private constabulary of one of Chimney's mercantile factors. He adds his men's names to the roll as soon as they recuperate. Nineteen days after Croaker's arrival in Chimney, there is another warm reunion. Croaker's closest Company friend Elmo and 70 other brothers who were assumed dead surprised the rest of the men by riding into town, having escaped Juniper on horseback. The Black Company, now with Darling, would leave Chimney sometime afterward and begin their 4-year trek eastward toward the Plain of Fear. They would be pursued by Whisper the entire way. Their next major adventures after departing Chimney would be: the Battle of Queen's Bridge, the events of "Shaggy Dog Bridge", and the events of "Bone Eaters".

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