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Chick is a teenage bandit and one of the loyal cousins of the young witch Chasing Midnight and her brother Chasing Moonlight in two of the short stories in the On The Long Run story arc: "Bone Eaters" and "Chasing Midnight: The Dark Lord as a Teen". Of the cousins, Chick is the one most commonly seen directly at Midnight's side.

"Bone Eaters"[]

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Chick is not identified by name in "Bone Eaters" but he appears at several points as one of the unnamed supporters of Chasing Moonlight.

Chick's clan – located someplace west of Rue in the northern continent – was wrecked by a series of misfortunes: "bad weather, pests, poor crops, [and] relentless tax collectors". This forced him, his twin cousins Chasing Midnight and Chasing Moonlight, another cousin (the leader of the gang, unnamed in the Annals), and 3 more male relatives (later identified as Fade, Haru, Yuko) to become amateur bandits. All except the original leader of the bandit gang are captured by the Black Company when they attempt to rob the Company's cleverly-disguised scout group. They are invited by Darling to join the New White Rose Rebellion.

As the Black Company and their sizable train of refugees from the Lady's Empire moves slowly eastward, Chick and the four male relatives were stuck digging ditches for human waste management. Eventually they disappeared without any notice beforehand, leaving Chasing Midnight with the Company. Later, Moonlight secretly returns with Chick and the other cousins to ambush – Rusty, a young, widely-hated Company man who had attempted to rape Midnight – at the latrines. Croaker interrupted the murder attempt, and the 5 teenagers were given amnesty by Darling who "overlooked their desertion completely" in return for extra duty. Moonlight received the least desirable shifts as ringleader.

When the Black Company and the refugee band following them are forced to approach the Village of Hungry Ghosts, one of Chick's relatives Yuko is among the four people killed gruesomely by evil entities. Later, in the city of Rue, the entire clan including even Midnight unexpectedly deserts the Black Company. When the Company departs Rue, Rusty's gruesomely mutilated corpse is spotted: he had been recently murdered by Midnight, Moonlight, and the cousins.

"Chasing Midnight"[]

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"Chasing Midnight" details the activities of Midnight, Chick, and the other cousins in Rue after their departure from the protection of Darling and the Black Company, but before the Company itself leaves Rue.

Chick is typically at Midnight's side throughout her movements in Rue. He helped her stake out the Silent Owl to ambush their target Rusty – the young man who had attempted to rape her some weeks prior. He also accompanies her personally to an abandoned fabric mill, where he finds the misalignment in the brickwork that reveals a hidden door. Inside, they discover where the sorcerer Black Shroud has been hiding their missing relative, Chasing Moonlight. Chick is briefly disabled by sorcery when the wizard touches his shoulder, but he is rescued when Midnight kicks Black Shroud in the crotch. The pair escapes with Moonlight in tow.

Throughout the subsequent days, Chick, Midnight, Fade, and Haru struggle to keep Moonlight comfortable as he deteriorates mentally and physically. Their morale plummets as Moonlight's body begins to reek increasingly of death; he is apparently rotting while he is still alive. Chick remains behind with Moonlight when Midnight and Fade return together to the Silent Owl, so he is not present when Black Shroud finally falls to Fade's crossbow. But Chick witnesses Moonlight's body fall apart, and he refuses to let Midnight see her brother's remains in such gruesome condition. When Midnight admits her responsibility for everything that has befallen them, she still insists that they stay in the miserable city. She ostensibly wants to kill Rusty, but Chick and Fade know that she truly just wants to find the Shine.

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