The Catacombs were the subterranean chambers underneath the Enclosure of the city of Juniper where the remains of countless Juniper residents over the centuries were interred. The Catacombs were maintained by the Custodians, who were funded by the goods taken from the deceased of the city and from donations. Inside, mysterious monsters called Guardians kept watch over the dead and attacked trespassers.

Shadows LingerEdit

The homeless scavenger Asa brought the local barkeeper Marron Shed and the foreigner Raven into the Catacombs. There, Raven forced them to steal mummies to sell to the creatures of the Black Castle. While inside, Asa was assaulted by a Guardian, which Raven killed. Their raid on the Catacombs absolutely enraged the Custodians and the Inquisitor known as Bullock.

Very shortly after the Battle of Juniper, The Lady's forces looted the Catacombs. This unspeakable sacrilege caused the senior Custodian, Hargadon, to lead a violent uprising against Juniper's occupiers. The Lady responded by laying waste to much of the city.

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