Candles was a member of the Black Company from Opal. He was accepted into the ranks along with Big Bucket, Red Rudy, and Sparkle in Shadow Games. Candles and Big Bucket "came with" their nicknames (unlike Sparkle, who was given his nickname by One-Eye and Goblin). Croaker even noted in his Annals that "there is a long story to tell how [Candles] got it [his name]. It does not make sense and is not especially interesting."

Candles survived the harrowing Siege of Dejagore with a subset of the Company trapped there alongside Murgen and the Nyueng Bao De Duang. He later followed Croaker through the Shadowgate onto the glittering plain. There, he became one of the Captured, a group of about 35 people trapped by Soulcatcher in the cave of the ancients beneath the fortress with no name, at the end of She Is the Darkness.

Fifteen years later, Sleepy led a rescue mission, where they found Candles was not in stasis, but actually deceased. He was not alone: Candles was part of a small group of 7 Captured (including Longinus [whom Sleepy had misidentified as Cletus] and Wheezer) who died at some point after being frozen. These people had been accidentally killed by Cordy Mather, who somehow awakened, panicked, and unintentionally broke their protection spells by making contact with their bodies.

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