The Buskin was the poorest slum in the city of Juniper. While virtually the entire city was always in a state of disrepair, including even the castle Duretile of Duke Zimerlan, the Buskin was the most utterly downtrodden neighborhood of all. It was located in one of the lowest points in the valley between the two arms of the Wolander Mountains. It was the location of many of the events of Shadows Linger.

Shadows LingerEdit

The poor of the Buskin scrounged everywhere for firewood during the brutal winters. In the coldest time of the year, when they died in droves, their corpses were collected by the street patrols of Custodians for deposition in the Catacombs beneath the Enclosure. When the chief Custodian Hargadon realized his typical numbers from the Buskin were down, it gave credence to the rumor that someone was selling corpses to the Black Castle.

The tavern and inn called the Iron Lily was located in the Buskin. It was owned and operated by Marron Shed and two prior generations of his family. Shed's efforts to keep the Lily in his possession and out of the hands of the gangster Krage and the loanshark Gilbert were the driving force of many of the events of Shadows Linger. The homeless local Asa supplied the Lily with firewood, and the foreigner Raven was its best-paying customer. The Inquisitor Bullock was originally from the Buskin, and was one of the few governmental enforcers who was unafraid of the neighborhood.

During the Battle of Juniper, many men from the Buskin heeded the Limper's call to rush inside the Black Castle in hopes of seizing the riches believed within it. The fates of these men were not recorded but were unlikely to be promising. During the subsequent sack of the city by The Lady and her forces, the fate of the Buskin itself was similarly not recorded in the Annals but the area was probably devastated along with the rest of the city.

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