Bubba-do was a sworn brother of the Black Company who appeared in the Siege of Dejagore in Bleak Seasons and during the Shaded Road guerrilla campaign in She Is the Darkness. Croaker judged that Bubba-do "was not too bright" and noted that he had poor hearing in his left ear.

Bleak SeasonsEdit

Bubba-do was presumably one of the Taglians who joined the Company when Croaker was given the powers of Liberator to win the Shadowmaster wars. He had the ill fortune of becoming a sworn brother of the band in time for their defeat at the Battle of Dejagore, and, was forced to endure the harrowing siege of that city which immediately followed it.

Bubba-do was part of the Company's absurd betting pool regarding which day they would be overrun by their enemy, the besieging armies of Shadowspinner's Shadowlanders. During a particularly grim night of the siege, Murgen the Annalist called to Bubba-do to check who had claimed that date. When Murgen and the Nyueng Bao began leading people out of the city one rainy night, Bubba-do was given orders to set up a perimeter. He and his men ambushed an enemy patrol that was sneaking up on their beachhead.

She Is the DarknessEdit

Bubba-do was part of Goblin's top secret guerrilla campaign code-named Shaded Road, which took place during She Is the Darkness. He accompanied Goblin's Nyueng Bao bodyguard Thien Duc and a group of 100 young Taglians on an odyssey that began in Taglios when they traveled downriver on the great river. They cut their way through 200 miles of inhospitable Nyueng Bao swamp at the river's delta, took to the rough seas of the western ocean, landed on the coast of the Shindai Kus desert, and finally marched undetected into the cold, southern slopes of the Dandha Presh.

Throughout the arduous campaign, Goblin indulged in an endless litany of complaints. Despite being dimwitted, Bubba-do was smart enough to keep Goblin to his left, where he had his bad ear. They spotted the fireball projector ammunition of the Battle of Charandaprash across the night sky, coming from the other side of the Dandha Presh. This prompted Bubba-do to observe: "looks like da Captain won his bet".

Bubba-do is not mentioned again in the Annals. He presumably participated in all the raids and ambushes conducted by the Shaded Road expedition, and probably helped apprehend the Prahbrindrah Drah when he betrayed the Black Company. If he survived the end of the Shadowmaster wars, he may have taken part in the subsequent Kiaulune wars, or less likely, became one of the Captured.

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