Bo was one of the parents of a family hired by Marron Shed to be servants and caregivers for his elderly mother June during Shadows Linger.

Shadows LingerEdit

Bo, Lana, and their daughter were residents of Juniper. As a family they were hired to be servants for old June by Marron Shed, who was the owner of a tavern called the Iron Lily in the impoverished Buskin neighborhood. Shed purchased a cottage near the Enclosure, the devotional heart of the whole city, and moved old June to be cared for by Bo's family.

Old June's physical circumstances improved dramatically but at the cost of her respect for her son. Much of Shed's newfound prosperity, which he used to pay Bo and Lana's salaries, came from illicit dealings with Raven.

It is not specified if Bo's family survived the extensive destruction that soon befell Juniper. After the Lady ordered the Catacombs to be looted, Hargadon initiated bloody street riots against the Black Company and regular soldiers of the Lady's Empire. Many hundreds were killed in the fighting, and many more died in the cataclysmic sorcery unleashed by the Lady upon the city itself.

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