The Blues were members of a political group in the city of Beryl which was in violent opposition to the Syndic and his own organization, the Reds.

The Black CompanyEdit

Many Blues congregated in secret at the Mole Tavern, owned by the patriarch Verus and his family. Over time, they poisoned the drinks of four members of the Black Company, who were in the service of the Syndic. Walleye and Wild Bruce died, but Pokey and Curly who were saved by an antidote created by the Company's physician Croaker. When the Company struck back at the Mole Tavern, more than a dozen Blues were killed and many were arrested, including members of the senior leadership who were hiding beneath the Mole's wine cellar.

With the conservative members of the Blues arrested and imprisoned within the Bastion, the "more volatile" Blues created one of the worst riots in the city's bleak history. Many thousands died, and three Urban Cohorts at the Fork Barracks mutinied against the Syndic. In the aftermath, the Syndic was killed. But the Blues did not succeed: Soulcatcher installed a new puppet Syndic, loyal to The Lady's Empire, who was himself a Red and a distant relative of the Syndic whom the Company served.

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