The Blue Willy was the only inn located in the Barrowland, deep within the Great Forest. It was the site for some of the events of The White Rose and was perhaps most noteworthy as being the location where Croaker was elected Captain of the Black Company

The White RoseEdit

The Blue Willy was the second-tallest structure in the Barrowland, the tallest being the Eternal Guard's compound. It had a bar and at least three floors. The house that once belonged to the wizard Bomanz and his wife Jasmine was visible from one side. It was staffed by its landlord and a hostler.

This was the place where fur and provisions traders stayed when they came to do business with the Guard and the small nearby community. Raven, using the false identity of "Corbie", would often tell partly-true stories of his campaigns in Forsberg at the Blue Willy, and he eventually became a fixture.

Croaker, One-Eye, Goblin, Tracker, and Tracker's hound stayed at the Blue Willy during their investigation into the mysterious "Corbie". Croaker wrote a bit of his Annals there. Afterward, once the Lady and Darling became allies against the Dominator, Darling and her retinue put up at the Blue Willy. Her null field stopped just outside the Guard compound's wall. By the time Bomanz was unearthed and liberated from his magic stasis, it had snowed so much in the Great Forest that guests at the Blue Willy needed to enter via the second floor's windows.

During the Battle of the Barrowland, the Blue Willy (like most or perhaps all other Barrowland structures) was badly damaged by an explosive spell unleashed by the Dominator. In the aftermath of the battle, Croaker carried the Lady to the inn. In the damaged common room there, he convened an official convocation of all surviving members of the Black Company, which now numbered merely 10: himself, One-Eye, Goblin, Silent, Otto, Hagop, Murgen, and three relative newcomers, the Torque brothers: Stubby, Paddlefoot, and Brother Bear. Darling and the Lady were also present. During this meeting, Croaker was nominated by Otto to become Captain, and was elected to the position when no one blackballed him. The Company's departure soon afterward probably marked the last time the Blue Willy had any significant quantity of guests.

The Silver SpikeEdit

The Blue Willy is not mentioned in the The Silver Spike, but if the structure was still standing, it was no doubt raided and its inhabitants killed by the Limper's group of 50 tribesmen swooping out from the Great Forest.

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