The Bhodi disciples were the bald-headed monks of a relatively new cult in and around the city of Taglios by the time of Water Sleeps.

During Soulcatcher's hated regime in Taglios – the Protectorate – many Bhodi disciples burned themselves alive with naphtha outside the Palace gate in protest. They demanded an audience with the Radisha Drah, but the Greys were ordered to arrest them and stop further self-immolations before they started. Soon, the underground Black Company enhanced the public spectacles of the burning Bhodi disciples to further exacerbate public opinion against the Protector. Soulcatcher became infuriated, and sent a group of thugs to destroy their holiest shrine, the Bhodi Tree, in the village of Semchi. The Bhodi Tree was saved from harm by Slink and his band of Company soldiers, who ambushed and crushed the Protectorate forces, despite being outnumbered.

According to Sleepy the Company Annalist, the Bhodi philosophers taught that "homage to the gods is best served when seconded by human endeavor".

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