Besand was a Monitor, or commander, of the Eternal Guard near the Barrowland in the Great Forest. He held this position during the lifetime of Bomanz for several decades before the 370th anniversary of the creation of the Guard and the Barrowland. Besand appeared in the "flashback" biographic narrative of Bomanz in The White Rose.

The White RoseEdit

Besand established a rapport with Bomanz after many years of dealing with the wizard (who was disguised as a mere antique digger for 37 years). He became an acquaintance and simultaneously his long-time antagonist, as he never fully trusted Bomanz.

Besand wore an ancient Barrowland amulet on his person, but kept the others unavailable. Despite his incredible military authority, he lived in "a cell more fit for a monk than for the most powerful man in the province".

Besand was forced to retire by secret Resurrectionists, who somehow had him replaced with a new Monitor referred to only as the Jackal. Utterly dedicated to his mission, and hearing rumors of Resurrectionist activity out of Oar, he refused to leave the Barrowland despite losing his job. He also did not turn in his amulet. He made a bed for himself in the corner of an old stable, where he was attacked by a Resurrectionist assassin. Besand killed the man and sustained a bloody but superficial wound in the process. He lost his amulet in the fight. When Corporal Husky investigated the stable, he found neither a body nor evidence of a fight: the scene had been cleared by the other Resurrectionists. Besand briefly recuperated in Bomanz's house with the help of Jasmine and Stancil.

The next night, Men fu, another Resurrectionist, stole the amulet simply to go dig for treasure without permission from his comrades. In the light of the Great Comet, Besand spotted him and charged at him with a sword, screaming. When they reached the Howler's barrow, they were swamped by the Barrowland ghosts and killed gruesomely. Most or all of the Eternal Guard were watching, but could do nothing to help as their new Monitor, the "Jackal", did not give them amulets to assist their former leader.

Bomanz asked Corporal Husky to throw dirt on Besand's body if he could not be retrieved for burial. Later, in his disembodied spirit form, he was harassed by Besand's shrieking ghost, which was now among the ancient White Rose guardian ghosts. Tokar soon used Besand's amulet to help destroy the spells of confinement in the Barrowland. The Lady and the Ten Who Were Taken were liberated during this event.

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