Barrowland amulets were ancient artifacts that were created to allow members of the Eternal Guard to enter the Barrowland safely. Without them, anyone who crossed the threshold of the enchanted area would suffer certain and painful death. They were unimpressive visually, consisting of jaspar and jade with leather strap, but even a non-wizard like Croaker could feel a tingling sensation of their power when worn.

They were created by experienced sorcerers loyal to the White Rose, after the White Rose Rebellion, which ended the period of the Domination.

Before the AnnalsEdit

As recounted in the flashback narrative in The White Rose, the Monitor of the Eternal Guard, Besand, wore one such amulet. Upon being forced to retire his position as Monitor, Besand stepped down but did not surrender the amulet to his replacement, a man called the Jackal. Resurrectionists attacked Besand and stole it; their leader, Tokar, would use it to help break the enchantments of the Barrowland, liberating the Lady and the Ten Who Were Taken.

The White RoseEdit

Decades later, the amulets were rediscovered by one of the New Taken, who turned them over to the Lady in a small carved chest. The Lady guessed aloud that Jasmine, Bomanz's wife, must have somehow carried them south all those decades ago. She, Croaker, and the Taken wore them to go dig out Bomanz's still-living body from the earth.

During the Battle of the Barrowland, the physical fetishes which anchored the ancient spells were systematically removed and neutralized (shortly before the dragon and the Dominator rose up). This resulted in the Barrowland ghosts finally resting in peace, and the amulets losing their supernatural power.

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