Map of the area around the Barrowland

The Barrowland was a burial ground near the Great Tragic River in the Great Forest, north of the city of Oar. This is where the White Rose, at the end of her successful Rebellion, sealed away the defeated Dominator, the Lady, the Ten Who Were Taken, and "scores" of demons including Tracker and Toadkiller Dog. After 370 years, the Lady and the Taken were freed by Resurrectionists, but the Dominator and his "pets" remained trapped. Then, after the climactic Battle of the Barrowland, the profoundly dangerous silver spike was intended to be locked away there forever, but it would be stolen and moved not long afterward.

The term Barrowland also was used to encompass the Eternal Guard's compound, the Blue Willy inn, and the surrounding community.

Before the AnnalsEdit

Creation and featuresEdit

The White Rose had the Barrowland surrounded by several features to keep its prisoners trapped. One was a network of protective spells which formed an invisible enclosure around the burial mounds. Anyone who passed into the range of these spells would suffer excruciating, slow, and certain death. The next was a group of soldiers called the Eternal Guard and their leader, the Monitor, who were tasked to patrol the area to prevent tampering. The Guard, a hereditary group, had a limited number of amulets which would permit them to walk unharmed through the protective spells and trim the overgrowth. A third protection was a subterranean dragon. A fourth was the ghosts of White Rose soldiers, who were bound by fetishes to haunt the area, screaming at intruders in TelleKurre, UchiTelle, and lesser-known languages. There was a fifth feature, a deep moat, but this had disappeared long before Croaker's lifetime.

Bomanz the Wakener Edit

The wizard Bomanz spent over thirty years trying to map the place and find a way to reach the Lady to learn her arcane secrets. As he did so, the Lady was released by Resurrectionists, with the Ten also escaping to become her minions. However she orchestrated her release and kept her husband imprisoned in the Great Barrow. Bomanz himself became trapped in the Barrowland as he attempted to stop her escape; history would incorrectly attribute liberation to him. The Lady wiped out the Resurrectionist movement that resulted in her release (to ensure the Dominator would stay buried); kept the Eternal Guard to watch over her hated husband's burial site; and established her own empire.

The White Rose Edit

Many years later, Raven attempted to access the Barrowland in spiritual form to determine the Dominator's status. His spiritual self became trapped there after he panics from seeing the Dominator awake and grinning. The Dominator's servants Tracker and Toadkiller Dog are released, and Raven's disembodied spirit is trapped in their stead. The Dominator manipulates the weather such that the River Tragic swells in size and threatens to tear open the Barrowland and sweep away its protections. The Lady, Darling and their allied forces systematically exterminate the demons, kill the Dominator, and trap his powers in a silver spike. They plant the Sapling – the son of Father Tree – atop the Great Barrow and nail the silver spike into it for eternal protection. With the barrows emptied, most of the people in the Barrowland trickle away to Oar or other destinations.

The Silver Spike Edit

The Barrowland seems quiet until the spike is eventually stolen from the Sapling by thieves. The spike becomes an object of obsession by many sorcerers, including most prominently the Limper, who by this point was reduced to only his head. The few stragglers remaining behind in the Barrowland are killed off by the Limper, Toadkiller Dog, and their ragtag army of coerced forest savages. In the end, the spike is banished to a different dimension and the Barrowland is presumably reclaimed by the Great Forest.