Baron Senjak was the father of the Lady and Soulcatcher, mentioned in The White Rose.

Before Croaker's Annals Edit

Baron Senjak was a nobleman from a "far western kingdom" (certainly in the northern continent) at least a few decades before the period known as the Domination. He fathered four daughters: Ardath, Sylith, Credence, and Dorotea, all of whom were rivals in their beauty. He and three of his daughters (Sylith, Credence, and Ardath) attended a gigantic aristocratic party where everyone's names and titles were announced by heralds and scribbled by a record-keeper.

Senjak's wife, and the mother of all four daughters, was in a comatose state. He made no attempt to heal or awaken her even before marrying her. One of his daughters claimed he preferred it that way. Virtually no other details survive about him, other than the fact that he was not a member of the TelleKurre ethnic group favored by the Dominator.

Of Baron Senjak's daughters, two became immensely powerful sorceresses: Credence became Soulcatcher, and Dorotea became the Lady. Both of them would be doomed, like their mother, to be trapped for long periods in enchanted coma-like states.

The White Rose Edit

Baron Senjak was presumed to be long dead, centuries before the events of Croaker's Annals. His surviving daughters, the Lady and Soulcatcher, disguised their origins by erasing as much evidence of their true names as possible, to protect their powers as sorceresses. The guest list of the party which Senjak and three of his daughters attended was lost or overlooked by both women and was never destroyed. About 400 years after the papers had been written, they were acquired by Whisper, the most fearsome Rebel general among the Circle of Eighteen, in the city of Lords. The papers changed hands several times and eventually became the Lady's undoing in The White Rose.

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